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I finally entered my first Kaggle competition. The name of the competition is “Jane Street Market Prediction” and the goal is to maximize profit. As someone who started their data science journey only five months ago, I was excited to see how much I could perform in a real-world problem. I ended up being pretty high on the leaderboard and learned so much. Here are the top things I’ve learned from the experience.

League of Legend

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Riot Games brings massive changes to their game ‘League of Legend’ every year. This year, they changed their entire item system, drastically changing their game ecosystem. It has been a few months since the big update and now players have fully adapted to the changes. Let’s take a look at what happened to the ecosystem and what is the best team composition now. More specifically, let us answer three questions.

  1. What are the most popular champions?
  2. Which team composition is the best?
  3. How did the item change impact the game?

We are going to look at the…

Jaekang Lee

student at the University of Toronto studying data science

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